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Mike Klemme www.golfoto.com

A safari in Kenya with Tobs Kenya Golf Safaris is a luxurious adventure. You will be closer to wildlife than you ever imagined. With a small plane you will fly comfortably to an airstrip in the wilderness. A 4-wheel-drive  Land Rover takes you to your luxurious tented camp and you'll see lions, elephants and other wildlife in their natural habitat, in the Masai Mara, Samburu, Amboseli, or any other of Kenya's 57 National Parks.

We have designed some very attractive road and fly safari packages for you to choose from.
Relax  on idyllic white sandy beaches, swim in the warm Indian Ocean or play golf. Decide whether to go deep-sea fishing, sailing or learn diving.  Maybe you love remote beaches... away from it all!

Delicious  food under starry tropical nights will add a romantic touch to your wildlife  safari or
beach holiday.


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