Subject: our trip and situation in Kenya

Dear Tob,

First of all we like to thank you again for the wonderful trip we had in Kenya by the end of December/early January. Everything was perfectly arranged, and we enjoyed very much the hospitality of the hotels and lodges, the golf and especially the contacts with the local people: all very friendly, open and helpfull.

We therefore feel very sorry for all the people in Kenya of what is going on after the elections.

We hardly can believe what we see on the TV, it is so different from what we have experienced ourselves! As you know is it our intention to come back by the end of the year, as for us Kenya is an excellent country to go to and leave the winter of Holland. Only a 7-8 flight to get there, 2 hours time difference, fantastic climate, great hospitality, beautifull golf, safari and whatever you can think of. As soon as the tension has settled down, we like to come over by yhe end of the year and will ask you to arrange another trip of safari and golf!

Thanks again and best regards,

Cathrien & Wytze Zuidema

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