Dear Tobs and Moses,

We got back last night from a wonderful and memorable holiday.

I want to thank you and your team and your local team in Thailand for the meticulous organization, we were truly impressed.

Your local team, especially Mr Win in Phuket and Mr Troy in Bangkok were superb, in particular Mr Win who went out of his way to ensure that he was in constant contact with us, no request was too big or too small, he looked after our every need.

My only little quibble was with the transport for the day sightseeing tour in Bangkok, the AC in the car didn't work and as we were in the car for the whole day it became a little unbearable. But other than this everything else was brilliant, Mr Dang the guide and his knowledge and the tour were all perfect.

Many many thanks for all your efforts to ensure that we had a wonderful holiday.

Kind regards

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Last Update: 23 November 2018
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