Hi Tob and Moses,

the time you tried to call me I was in Zambia already.

Sorry for not replying earlier, but I had to go on "leave" to recover from the late nights, five days, I slept 2~3 hr per night, night clubs, dangerous places. . . . !

We had a bad start, with the room size and the food, once the first problem was sorted, the second one was easier, out for dinner every night, and places to eat are many and all excellent.

Next time, just bed and breakfast.

The transfers were excellent, driver always in time, actually at least 15 minute earlier, we gave them a nice tip. Driver very talkative, but we felt safe and very helpful with loading and offloading.

I didn't expect so much rain, we got badly soaked at Nialy, I left my golf umbrella at home.

Other courses were nice all except the greens, very slow as none were cut.

The ladies all complained of leaving too early, next time it will be a 10 days trip, with 5 round of golf, Vipingo being played twice.

Thank you for the cart, my good friend would have not been able to play.

The group was well acquainted and we all had a ball, the evenings were windy and fresh, thoroughly enjoyed it.

Looking forward to our next trip, Argentina and Brazil on the 25th of February for 12 days, then first 10 days of July ( I need you to quote me ) we want to go to Thailand, Bangkok 4 days and Pucket one week, then, why not, Mombasa probably pushing it forward to October/November. Will see.

Tomorrow we are playing Kenya Airways golf tournament, hope to do well.

Cheers for now



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