Dear Tob,

Greetings from Lusaka and hope you and your good lady, Sarah, are fine and good. The flight back home was great and trouble free, although we ended up with a passenger who boarded the "wrong" plane. The guy was destined for Senegal but ended up on the Lusaka-bound flight! It was great for laughs among the passengers when the guy was advised to disembark and look for the correct plane!

On my own behalf, I want to thank you and Kenya Airways for providing us with such a great golfing treat while in Kenya. I must confess it was one of my greatest golfing experience in my 30 years of hacking the poor little ball!

I commend Kenya Airways for this effort which can only build bridges and promote peace in a world fraught with so much hatred, violence and humanity killing each other all over the world, for no apparent reason than the artificial differences such as religion, politics or even skin pigmentation! I encourage you to keep up the good work and to expand the annual event to cover not only Africa but also all the continents to which KQ flies.

I have copied this email to Rose Kiseli, Area manager for Zambia, and to Sarah, for obvious reasons.

Hoping to see you next year, God willing, and wishing you the best at both Tobs Kenya Golf Safaris, Travel and Events, and at Kenya Airways.

All the best from Lusaka.

Robert P Makola

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