Dear Tob, habari!

It's good to know that a call to my banker is sufficient and that the payment was executed.

After spending a night at the Stanley Hotel, which is actually nice, very big rooms and also the Restaurants

do serve very good food, we finally touched down in Zurich at 16:40h local time!

We are now blaming Swiss Nairobi for not assisting, for not being reachable, etc. during the delay.


Our time in between the start and the end was excellent. We realy enjoyed everything, its hard to

pick one particular experience out of the so many great expereinces.

We would like to thank you and your staff once again.You all have been there when ever we needed you, we

were spoiled by the friendlyness and the efficiency of all of you. It was also very nice to meet with Sarah and

to spend some (too little) time together on the Golfcourse and having dinner together.

We wish both of you that the prosperity continues and a lot of joy while decorating you lovely new house ;-)

C'est que qu'un au'revoir . . . . .

Take care, Jacqueline & William

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