The Rift Valley is the greatest valley in the world, a continental fault system that stretches from the Dead Sea all the way to Mozambique.

In Kenya it passes from Lake Turkana in the north to Lake Magadi in the south. In between there are a series of lakes e.g. Baringo, Bogoria, Nakuru, Elementeita and Naivasha. Lake Bogoria, Nakuru and Elementeita boast millions of flamingoes, which is a spectacular sight. Volcanic activities left their mark in the Rift Valley and can be found in form of half submerged islands, giant calderas and the distinctive cone shapes which dot the landscape as well as dormant volcanoes.

The Rift Valley evokes a sense of immense mystery and the power of time.Nakuru National Park - "Bird Watchers' Paradise..."Lake Nakuru is a very shallow strongly alkaline lake 62 km2 in extent. It is set in a picturesque landscape of surrounding woodland and grassland next to Nakuru town. The landscape includes areas of marsh and grasslands alternating with rocky cliffs and outcrops, stretches of acacia woodland and rocky hillsides covered with a Euphorbia forest on the eastern perimeter.The lake catchment is bounded by Menengai crater to the north, the Bahati hills to the north east, the lion hill ranges to the east, eburu crater to the south and the mau escarpment to the west. Three major rivers, the njoro, makalia and enderit drain into the lake, together with the outflow from several springs along the shore.

Lake Nakuru was first gazetted as a bird sanctuary in 1960 and upgraded to National Park status in 1968. A northern extension was added to the park in 1974 and the lake was designated as a Ramsar site in 1990. The foundation of the parks food chains is the cyanophyte spirulina platensis which can support huge numbers of lesser flamingo.

Central Kenya, 140km north-west of Nairobi, in Nakuru District of the Rift Valley Province. It covers an area of 188 km2.

Millions of Flamingos (Greater and Lesser) and other water birds including Pelicans and a variety of terrestrial birds numbering about 450 species in total.Mammals: 56 different species including white rhinos, Giraffes and Waterbucks.Unique vegetation: About 550 different plant species including the unique and biggest euphorbia forest in Africa. Picturesque landscape and yellow acacia woodlands.

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