Self catering cottages – from € 50 per person per night - Minimum 3 nights

Due to the growing demand from golfers world wide, for comfortable,yet inexpensive accommodation in self catering cottages on or near golf courses,Tobs and Sarah went out and inspected several properties.

Sofar we found two properties, fulfilling our stringent quality requirements:

Great Rift Valley Cottages
Forest Dreams Cottages

The choice of these self catering cottages at both properties, though very different in design,have 2, 3, 4 and 5 bedrooms, accommodating between 4 and 10 people.

Maid /Valet service is offered free for one hour daily to make beds and clean floors but arrangements can be made for a longer service at a fee.Also there is a restaurant, which can be booked in advance, in case you do not want to cook every night!

Ideal for families or groups of friends and enjoy the golf holiday together in privacy and comfort.



[ Great Rift Valley Cottages | Forest Dreams Cottages ]


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